April Edington is a Buyer's Agent for Donna Tidwell and The HomeTeam

June 27, 2011


I would like to take a moment to share with you what wonderful, personable service April Edington provided us with. She was a true blessing.


April does her research. She is very in tune with the housing market and knows how to get the job done. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she is also very easy to talk to. This was the the first time we have had to sell out home, and needless to say, the whole process was very new to us. April had an excellent plan of action and kept us informed every step of the way as to what to except, what was going on , etc, etc. She is very professional and was a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be recommending her to all my friends and family.


Again, thank you both for all your hard work and for getting our home sold.


Warmest Regards,

Lauren Stock

Susan Hudson is a Buyer's Agent for Donna Tidwell and The HomeTeam

May 12, 2010


To Donna Tidwell and The HomeTeam:

I would like to take a moment to express to you how incredibly pleased we have been with the service received from your company.

Over three years ago Donna and Susan Hudson came to our house in Jonesboro to put together a marketing plan for selling our house and we were immediately impressed. We had already had our house listed with another realtor and your service put them to shame!

Unfortunately due to the market/economy we were unable to sell that house; but that didnít stop Susan from doing everything she could for us!

In September 2009 we were presented with the opportunity to rent our home out which opened up our finances to make it possible for us to buy! I immediately called Susan to share the news and we began looking for houses that matched our criteria. (Iím not sure who was more excited, us or Susan)

Susan helped us find our dream home at such an unbelievable price and was a great advisor/support system throughout the entire process! Somewhere along the way she became more like family then our realtor. She has known us through the birth of two children, the ups and downs of home buying and selling and even assisted in rental advice!

I recommend your company and Susan to anyone I know that is looking to buy or sell. I boast about the service being above and beyond and not just a business for her. I can promise you that as long as Susan is at your company we will come to you for all of our realty needs, which will hopefully soon include selling our rental property!

Thank you for helping make our dream home a reality.


-Tracie Tucker, Jonesboro

Cynthia Johnson is a Buyer's Agent for Donna Tidwell and The HomeTeam



My wife and I cannot say enough about Cynthia. She was excellent to work with. She was on top of everything and was able to give or get an answer for everything we needed. When you are moving over 600 miles it can become very stressful. Cynthia took alot of that stress off of us by being on top of everything. I sent Cynthia an email thanking her, but I feel that I need to relay to you also how great of a job she did.

Thanks to you and Cynthia again!

-Justin and Jenny Hays, McDonough


We appreciate the way you have conducted yourself in search of a home for us. You demonstrated your real estate expertise most kindly and professionally.

Thank you for your trusted advice and suggestions. We wish you continued success in your work. You shall be recommended highly to others seeking to purchase property here in GA.


-William & Tommie Stokes, Sun City West, Arizona

 Donna, I wanted to tell you how much we love our new home. When we listed our home with you I had no idea you would sell it in only three weeks. We feel that without your expertise we could not have located our new house by ourselves since we had to close in less than 30 days. Thank you for your patience and for the time you spent with us in making this very important decision. Also, your associates went well above the call of the duty in helping us when you had a day off.

The movers you recommended did an excellent job and the closing was the best that I have ever experienced. Everyone we dealt with in your
office was very professional and very knowledgeable. It is a pleasure to work with such a great group of people. Again, I commend you and your staff for a job well done. It would be my pleasure to recommend you and your staff to anyone.


-Craig & Peggy Brogan, Hampton

Vickie Hunt is a Buyer's Agent for Donna Tidwell and The HomeTeam


We are writing you on behalf of Vickie. She did an outstanding job during the process of purchasing our new home. She was very professional and showed her willingness to help us in every aspect. Vickie went over and beyond trying to find the perfect home for us. The extra time and effort she displayed towards our family was much appreciated. She did a splendid job taking excellent care of our family and made the moving process very smooth.


-Todd & Tina Lewis, McDonough


Wanted to let you know what a good job Vickie Hunt has done for me in the past and continues to do. Her diligence to review documents and keep me up to speed has no doubt saved me a great deal.

-Geoffrey Zimbelman, Stockbridge

Donna Tidwell has been our real estate agent for almost 13 years. She has taken us from a very small house through the process of 4 houses to our perfect home we now own. Donna has been a true friend in all our endeavors and has allowed every transaction to happen for us through her intelligence and generosity. We could only wish that we could re-pay her for everything she has done for us and our families. Donna is not only an expert in her field of real estate, but a genuine caring person. We have lost our parents during our relationship with Donna and she has attended every funeral and sent her love and concern throughout. My children have adopted Donna and her husband Jim as their grandparents now and I truly believe Donna and Jim love that. Once you have met Donna and her team you will have friends for LIFE!



-David, Cheryl, Brittney, & D.J. Sexton, Locust Grove

 Dear Donna,

I finally have a few minutes to sit down and complete this very tardy thank you to you and your entire team. I am hopeful that it has not lost its impact because of the time that has passed.

Scott and I were so pleased with your service to our family during the (not so) recent sale of our home and the building process and purchase of our new home. We are so pleased with the results.

Donna, your team was so impressive to us. The professionalism of every member of your team was outstanding. Each person was committed to the highest level of service and our complete satisfaction. Every encounter left us feeling as if we were your only client and our comfort and happiness was your team's number one goal. I know you realize what a special group of people you have to work with, and that it is so rare to have a group of knowledgeable, helpful, professional, and caring people who's customers are truly number one.

Melissa was extremely helpful, each question I had for her she was able to answer. If I was about to be discourage she somehow sensed it and encouraged me. She was extremely efficient the whole time our home was listed. She really is an asset to your team, as I know you are well aware.

Cindy was also very helpful on the building and purchasing end of our experience. She was always available to handle any problems or concerns. She has been a most pleasant next door neighbor too!

We just want to thank you for making this potentially unpleasant experience one for us to remember fondly. You can be sure that any opportunity we have to refer business your way we definitely will do just that.

Thank you again and know that you have yourself two loyal lifelong customers in us.


-Scott & Kelly Carrier, McDonough

 Dear Ms. Tidwell:

As we approach our seventh month of residency in our new home, we continue to unpack boxes at a snail's pace, hang various items at a rate of one every two months, and tackle the never ending chore of pulling a bumper crop of weeds.

Sorting through these many unique pieces associated with the "owning a new home" puzzle, we often lose track of time and consequently fail to recognize those individuals who contributed so much to completing our home purchasing experience.

With this in mind, we take this opportunity to compliment a member of your staff, Ms. Cindy Hollomon, for the overwhelming and outstanding support she provided during our uncharted journey of building a custom home. Truly, she was an integral factor in our decision to purchase a home in the Indian Creek Overlook Subdivision.

Her depth in real estate knowledge and experience allowed us to easily sort through the overwhelming onslaught of information gathered during our house hunting endeavors. Her personality clearly set her apart from all the other sales representatives we interacted with in pursuit of this major event for our family.

During this homeownership cycle and especially throughout the building process, her never-ending willingness to minimize stress and to calm our concerns were always welcomed and we came to rely on her advice without hesitancy. While she always maintained a professional decorum, she often, at the right time, interjected her own experience with home buying to put our concerns in the right perspective.

Please express our sincere appreciation to Cindy for a job well done. She is a credit to her profession and without a doubt a valued asset to your team.

P.S. As Kaitlyn would say during our trips to the subdivision, "Can we go visit Ms. Cindy, she lets me draw?"


-Dick, Glynnda, and Kaitlyn Wong, McDonough

The Real Estate profession requires hard work, time and dedication, qualities that have been mastered by you and your team of great ladies (and men). Your leadership and high standard of professionalism and ethics has cultivated a team of knowledgeable hardworking professionals who excel in their field. I am blessed that I was able to learn from and work with all of them.

Donna, I have learned a great deal from you, Brandy, Vickie Carol, Robin, Melissa, Brenda and the rest of The HomeTeam. I will miss you all dearly, but I take with me your guidance, advice, philosophy, and business style.


-Carla Armour, McDonough Coldwell Banker Agent